Album "Atom Pompeii"

Chaos Vault - full review HERE 7/10

Album "Tortura"

Psychozine - full review HERE

"When I fired this album is pants rolled off my ass. The air lifted the spirit of the good old days, when the Swedish scene bands reigned supreme type of Entombed, Grave and Dismember else." ... "In any event, the board listens very well. We have a dirty sound characteristic with sufficient melody (none of melo death to be clear), but which does not soften the music contained in the power and aggression."

Necroscope zine #24

"[...] Vexatus mixes some brutal, speed parts with atmospheric slowdownsa, it’s varied with some pretty uncommon, technical riffs and solos that look too modern for me sometimes. […]"

Forgotten Chapel zine #8

“Tortura” boils my blood and makes me to bang my head and that counts.